• Mother India to be run by Women Power?

    The elections to the Indian states have brought the women power to the center stage. Ms. Mamata Baneree is set to become the Chief Minister of West Bengal by defeating a three decade Communist regime. Ms. Jayalalithaa will be the Chief Minster of Tamil nadu. She defeated DMK, a regional rival which is a partner…

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  • Malaysia Vasudevan – We miss you da

    Will the flowery breeze return back? Will it love my song? Poongaathu thirumbumaa? Em paatta virumbumaa? Wind blows in a direction. It cannot turn back on your call. But if the voice of Malaysia Vasudevan calls for it, no doubt it will turn back to carry his majestic voice like a horse carrying its master….

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  • N Ram plays tele prompter for Rajapakse in interview

    The Editor of popular South Indian daily “The Hindu” interviewed Sri Lankan President Rajapakse recently and the interview was published in the magazine in a two part series. The interview is unique in the sense that the interviewer N Ram had more to speak than the interviewee Rajapakse. Ram is seen announcing government initiatives more…

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  • China will burn hands by touching Tibetan language

    China should learn from India on what to do and from Srilanka on what not to do China speaks 292 languages belonging to seven linguistic families. Han Chinese represent 91.59 % of the population and hence their languages are standardized as Mandarin and is imposed as a lingua franca bridging several other nationalities. For historical…

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  • Three IDIOTS of Indian Democracy

    By this headline if you recall a movie title, that is a coincidence, but if you are reminded about the three pillars of democracy your concurrence is exposed. We wish, the Parliament, the Executive and the Judiciary cannot be described so shabbily. It will be viewed as a slanderous campaign. However if anyone still thinks…

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