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  • Why women outnumber men in Kerala ?

    Kochi,June28,()  The reason for sex ratio to tilt in favour of women in Kerala is due to the fact that  the menfolk of the state fell to  heart attack, asthma and cancer. Suicide, liver disease, kidney trouble and road accidents predictably claimed more men than women. Meanwhile an aphrodisiac ‘Musli Power Xtra’ was directed by…

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  • Gandhian motto inspires World’s sexiest woman

    Johannesburg,June 17(): It is not Anna Hazare and team but also the Worlds sexiest woman who lives by the Gandhian motto – “Be the change you want to see in the world.” This motto  made South African model of Indian-origin, Sashi Naidoo, to be voted the world’s sexiest woman of 2011 by 1.5 million readers…

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  • How to Use Facebook So It Doesn’t Use You

    By Thomas P. Farley for Men’s Life Today Whether you call it a time-saver or a time-sap, Facebook is the second most popular site in the world, and in India – just after Google. has surpassed the almighty Google as the most trafficked website in the U.S. — and the second most popular site in…

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  • Six Signs She’s Just Not That Into You

    By Mike Hammer for Men’s Life Today Hey, Romeo! If your killer material gets nothing more than crickets over coffee with a girl you’ve been chasing … or if you can’t even get her to go out for coffee … it’s probably time for a reality check. That’s right: There are women out there who…

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