• Chocolate milk claimed as best drink to recover from workouts

    London, Nov 11 (ANI): Chocolate milk is the best fitness drink, and has been preferred by the health conscious, a new research has revealed. Even the most basic version of its shake was found to top “isotonic” drinks such as Powerade, Gatorade and Lucozade at helping the body recover from workouts. Physiologist Dr Michael Saunders…

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  • Preference for sons on the decline among Indian women

    New Delhi, Oct 11 (): The latest report of the Central Statistics Office (CSO) on Gender Issues shows that Indian women preferring sons over daughters is declining though not totally out.  There has been a 16% drop since 1992 and it is pronounced in the rural areas. Kerala women top the list of those whose preference for…

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  • Couples counselling ‘improves sex lives of prostate cancer survivors’

    Washington, Sept 26 (ANI): Couples counselling can help prostate cancer survivors and their partners experience improved sexual satisfaction and function, according to a new study. Both Internet-based sexual counseling and traditional sex therapy are equally effective in improving sexual outcomes, the report said. “We know that one of the crucial factors in a man’s having…

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