• Green Buildings, Green Houses, Green concepts

    A GREEN BUILDING • Green or sustainable building defines constructing healthier, more energy – efficient and eco- friendly buildings. • A Green Building uses less energy, water and natural resources creates less waste and is healthier for the people living inside compared to a standard building. We  go for green buildings: • To reduce the…

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  • Anna Hazare ready to die again

    Chennai, July 29 (): The self styled Gandhian wearing Congress cap Mr. Anna Hazare has started his second innings to dislodge Congress Government and install RSS controlled BJP Government. By the words of Hazare one is mislead to understand that he is keeping equal distance from both Congress and BJP. However the people have started…

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  • Salman Khan launches online petition for Sarabjit’s release

    Mumbai, Jun 30 (): Bollywood superstar Salman Khan has written an online petition asking for the release of Sarabjit Singh, who has been in a Pakistan jail since 1990 over his supposed role in the Lahore serial blasts. In his online petition on popular social network, Facebook, Salman Khan has written- “For over 20 years,…

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  • LLRC a report of the failed state Srilanka

    Naam Tamilar America (NTA), have represented to the international community with the following opinion on LLRC report of the Government of Srilanka. This is to sensitize the world community on the truth about LLRC. The recommendations of the Lessons Learn and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC), described by the UN panel as ‘failing to satisfy key international…

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  • To “encounter”or not to!

    Last month, five youngsters from Bihar suspected to be involved in bank robberies in two banks in Chennai were quietly killed in their apartment by Tamil Nadu Police. The police claimed that they had to kill the young men in Self-Defense, an action popularly called as “Encounter”. It is a term used as a surrogate…

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