• Native Place?

    Let’s get to the point; it’s a blog, not a novel you see. I am a software engineer (aka easy target), from Mannargudi (the land of Lord Sri Rajagopalaswamy), a small town in erstwhile Tanjore District, currently Nagapattinam district, Tamil Nadu. When I was 12 years old, my family moved to erstwhile Madras, currently Chennai,…

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  • TN CM Karunanidhi, Ajith, Rajini and the end of the world

    It’s raining Narcissists in Tamil Nadu recently. I guess that is not news really, isn’t it? Recently Film industry supporters had a celebratory party to thank the Tamil Nadu CM for allocating 90 acres of common man’s land for the workers in the Film Industry. It is not a completely free gift, but a 99…

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  • 2010 – Top 10 events!

    Note: The author of these futuristic observations is neither a political analyst nor an astrological adviser to any senior or junior politician. Hence, the readers are requested to take these random reflections on future events in their own spirit – damn seriously. 1. January 15. Our beloved Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu makes up his…

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  • Sashi Tharoor – the unholy cow

    On his page on the micro-blogging site Twitter, Minister of State for External Affairs Shashi Tharoor was asked, “Tell us minister, next time you travel to Kerala, will it be cattle class?” His reply: “Absolutely, in cattle class out of solidarity with all our holy cows.” Reacting to Sashi’s remaks, Congress spokesperson Jayanthi Natarajan said…

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  • Caves and Cavemen

    Story: This poem was penned on the way to work. I originally envisioned it as a blog comment to share the pain of a poet who was censured and asked to apologize in writing by other Indian writers. It can be taken as a jibe on inertia to imagination, insecurities sometimes termed as culture or…

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