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Sidhu’s Show of Strength Brings Relief to Cong Brass | India News


NEW DELHI: Navjot Singh Sidhu’s mega show in Amritsar has pleased congressional leaders, who believe that his decision to appoint the cricketer-turned-politician as head of the Punjab party has been accepted by the cadre, primarily by members of the Liberation Army who came in great numbers.
It is known that Sidhu will attend the PCC office on Friday with a large number of invited leaders. But the strength with which Sidhu has come forward after his appointment contrasts with the vehement opposition of CM Amarinder Singh, who insists that his critic apologize for his derogatory tweets.
So far, the demand has been met with frosty silence. The vertical division between the CM and the head of the state unit, complicated by the position of 10 MPs against Sidhu, has created a spicy situation and the parallel tracks of the two heads of state congresses have to meet somewhere so that the The party is moving forward with preparing for the 2022 election campaign. Pressure is mounting on the CM to give in on its insistence on apologizing and accept Sidhu. Many believe that unless a rendezvous point is found, one of them will have to “give in or out.” This has been behind the repeated speculations about the resignation of the CM, which have been denied. Since the leadership of Congress has not signaled any move to replace Singh as CM, party officials do not know how the situation would be resolved.
The leadership is said to be able to call Singh and Sidhu to the capital for a joint meeting, a move that will again revolve around the CM’s insistence that the new head of the CCP present an apology. As Sidhu moved forward rallying support with a clever move to invite party members to pay tribute at the Golden Temple on Wednesday, which is seen as above partisan politics, the MLA involvement actually turned into a bitter duel of competing claims. While the Sidhu camp said 62 MLAs joined it in Amritsar, CM loyalists insisted the number was only 40, including three ministers. “How is the participation of the MLAs when nobody asked them not to go? It should not be read as a vote for Sidhu or against Singh, ”said an angry congressional official.

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