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Member of the NHRC panel investigating violence in Bengal belongs to BJP: Mamata | India News


CALCUTTA: Claiming that the BJP’s post-election violence narrative is fabricated, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee alleged on Thursday that a member of the NHRC committee who visited the state to investigate the violence belongs to the party. of saffron.
In an indictment of the Trinamool congressional government, the committee, set up by the NHRC by order of the Calcutta High Court to investigate alleged human rights violations during the post-election violence, had said in its report that the situation in the state it is a manifestation of “Ruler’s Law” instead of “Rule of Law”.
“A member of the NHRC turned out to be a BJP man. In the past, he was a front-line ABVP official. I think he just relied on the BJP version and contributed his part to the report,” Banerjee said in a Press conference.
He said that some sporadic incidents of violence had taken place in the state after the assembly elections, but at the time, the Electoral Commission was in control of law and order.
The TMC supreme said the election results were declared on May 2 and, as of May 4, she only headed a provisional government and assumed full command after taking office on May 5.
“We had to undo the arbitrary transfer of officials by the EC during the elections and restore order by bringing back DM, SP and local level officials who know the areas,” said the prime minister.
Wondering why the NHRC panel report presented to the higher court was leaked to the media, he said: “I will not say more on the matter as it is sub-judice, but I feel saddened by the way the BJP it is destroying the sanctity of certain sacred institutions. ”
Contrary to claims, it was the BJP that killed TMC members in their stronghold areas, he alleged.
“The BJP post-election narrative of violence is fabricated from fake videos and woven into a sinister design. But having been rejected by the people of Bengal, they will not succeed,” Banerjee said.
The NHRC committee presented its report to a five-judge high court tribunal headed by interim court chief Rajesh Bindal on July 13.
The National Human Rights Commission, in its report, had also referred to “retributive violence” by supporters of the ruling party against those of the main opposition party.
On Thursday, the high court ordered the West Bengal government to submit an affidavit stating its position on the NHRC report by July 26.
West Bengal BJP leaders, including its president Dilip Ghosh and several MPs, sat in a dharna in New Delhi on Wednesday to protest alleged political violence against party workers in the state.

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