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BJP: Why choose August 16, the Muslim League Direct Action Day? | India News


NEW DELHI: In response to Wednesday’s announcement from West Bengal’s head of TMC and CM, CM Mamata Banerjee, that August 16 will be celebrated as “Khela Diwas”, BJP questioned the day’s selection, comparing it to Thanksgiving Day Direct from the Muslim League, which started on that day in 1946, and the ‘Great Calcutta Murders’.
“Interesting Mamata Banerjee has declared on August 16 as ‘Khela Hobe Diwas’. It is the day the Muslim League launched its Day of Direct Action and began the Great Calcutta Massacre in 1946. In present-day West Bengal, ‘Khela Hobe’ has come to symbolize a wave of terrorist attacks against opponents ”, BJP member and MP Rajya Sabha Swapan Dasgupta tweeted.
BJP’s IT department head, Amit Malviya, lashed out at Banerjee for calling BJP a “virus.”
“Show Mamata Banerjee’s priorities. She is less interested in fighting Covid. Bengal continues to fight the pandemic, with a health infrastructure in shambles and vaccine scams, ”Malviya said.
He hit Banerjee at his proposed demonstration by opposition leaders in Calcutta to improvise an anti-BJP front. “She is free to do so, except that the unelected CM must realize that all non-TMC leaders invited in Delhi left the venue even before she started speaking,” Malviya said.
Banerjee on Wednesday addressed his supporters virtually, which was broadcast live and opposition leaders were invited to watch him at the Constitution Club in Delhi.

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