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Delta is dominant, also causes most post-vaccine infections | India News


NEW DELHI: Genome sequencing of recent samples from around the country shows that the Delta variant remains the dominant lineage causing new cases of Covid-19, although there is strong evidence that vaccination offers a high level of protection, the India SARS-CoV2 Genomics Consortium (INSACOG) said.
The Delta variant, which has high transmissibility and is more virulent compared to others, contributed to the majority of clinical cases in vaccine advancement (post-vaccination infections), but very few cases required hospitalization, a further study Recent Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR) shows. Only 9.8% of the cases required hospitalization and mortality was as low as 0.4%.
Underlining the importance of vaccination and the need to continue Covid-appropriate behavior such as mask use, physical distancing, and hand hygiene, INSACOG said: “The continued outbreaks in India are attributable to Delta, a population susceptible and opportunities for transmission. Public health measures to reduce transmission and vaccination remain critical. ”
Even outside of India, Delta is still the fastest growing lineage globally which is responsible for multiple outbreaks, even in Southeast Asia showing the fastest growth in new cases globally. However, regions with a high level of vaccination and strong public health measures, such as Singapore, continue to do well.
Even with a growing range of mutations seen in the UK, US and India, other “variant of concerns” (VOCs) remain very low in India and are declining relative to Delta globally, the consortia said.
“While these mutations will be tracked and investigated, there is currently no evidence of any new Delta sublineage that is of greater concern than Delta,” INSACOG said in its latest newsletter.
Groups of cases containing new mutations of known clinical importance will continue to be specifically searched, he added. Several districts in Kerala and Maharashtra are seeing an increase in cases, while many in Rajasthan and the northeastern states are also seeing high positivity.
On Tuesday, 42,015 new cases were registered across the country. The Delta variant (B1617.2), which was first detected in India and is now sweeping the world, accounts for 87% of the samples sequenced in May and June in India.
According to the US CDC, the variant accounts for 83% of sequenced Covid-19 samples in the United States.
The latest national serosurvey conducted by the ICMR shows that about a third of the general population remains vulnerable to infection.
Health officials have also pointed out that some particular states and districts where positivity is high can also lead to further spread, sparking a third wave.

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