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Big drop in J&K terrorist incidents in 2021 | India News


NEW DELHI: Jammu & Kashmir saw a significant decrease in terrorism-related incidents this year, which fell to 67 as of July 16, 2021 from 105 through June 30 of last year. Recruitment of local terrorists was also lower in 57 cases as of July 16 this year compared to 73 in the first half of 2020.
Sources from the central security establishment attributed the positive signals to the concerted efforts of the UT administration to involve the youth of J&K with entrepreneurship initiatives and recreational activities such as sports, etc. Of the 57 locals who joined the ranks of terror as of July 16 this year, 34 have been neutralized. and 11 have surrendered, leaving only 12 new recruits still active, according to terrorism-related data at J&K accessed by TOI.
As of July 16 of this year, through July 16 of this year, 78 terrorists were killed in counterterrorism operations in UT, up from 123 in the first half of 2020. Authorities said the lower figures were largely due to to the slowdown in anti-terrorist confrontations that coincided with the blockade imposed due to the second wave of Covid-19. “The encounters have accelerated in recent days and many terrorists have been neutralized,” said an official.
Around half a dozen members of the security forces personnel died as of July 16 this year, compared to 62 security personnel killed as of 2020. In addition, 14 civilians were killed by terrorists this year (as of July 16). July) compared to 37 deaths until last year. Explaining the drop in the number of local youth joining terrorist groups, a senior government official stated that boosting entrepreneurship through measures such as offering commercial vehicles to youth for self-employment, skills development initiatives and Constructive participation through sports and other recreational activities helped deter local youth from picking up the gun.
A total crackdown on gatherings at the funerals of murdered terrorists ensured that there was no “breeding ground” for potential terrorists. “It was noted that the funerals of the downed terrorists offered favorable conditions for radicalized Kashmiri youth to rebel and choose the path of violence. Each funeral would make at least 3-4 locals join the terrorism, ”an official told TOI.

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