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More than 30 crore of vaccine doses provided by the Center to the states / UT: Ministry of Health | India News


NEW DELHI: So far, the Center has provided more than 30 crore doses of vaccines to states and territories in the union, the Union Ministry of Health reported Thursday.
According to the most recent data, the Center has provided 30,33,27,440 doses of vaccines through the Government of India (free channel) and through the category of direct state procurement. Of this, the total consumption, including waste, is 28,43,40,936 doses.
“The new phase of universalization of vaccination against Covid-19 began on June 21, 2021. The vaccination campaign has been intensified through the availability of more vaccines, the advanced visibility of the availability of the vaccine for States and UT to allow them to better plan and streamline the vaccine supply chain, “the official statement said.
As part of the nationwide vaccination campaign, the Government of India has been supporting the states and territories of the Union by providing them with Covid vaccines at no cost.
In the new phase of universalization of the Covid-19 vaccination campaign, the government of the Union will acquire and supply (free of charge) 75% of the vaccines produced by the vaccine manufacturers in the country to the States and UT.
More than 1.89 million rupees (1.89.86,504) of balance and unused Covid vaccine doses are still available with the states / UTs to be administered, it reported.
“In addition, more than 21.05,010 doses of vaccines are in process and will be received by the states / UT in the next 3 days,” mentioned the Ministry of Health.

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