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‘Public Relations Event’: Congress Criticizes Drop in Vaccines After Record | India News


NEW DELHI: Congress attacked the government on Wednesday for falling vaccination figures after a record earlier this week with former party chief Rahul Gandhi saying the country is not safe unless vaccination is carried out extensively. scale, but regrettably the government “cannot go beyond a public relations event.”
Congress Secretary-General Priyanka Gandhi Vadra also lashed out at the Center for the drop in vaccine numbers after India achieved a “historic milestone” by administering 88.09 lakh doses of coronavirus vaccine in a single day on the 21st. of June. on Tuesday.
“The Delta variant (of the coronavirus) is knocking on the country’s doors. Only 3.6 percent of the population has been fully vaccinated, but the prime minister has taken on the role of EM events manager,” Priyanka Gandhi said. in a tweet in Hindi. .
After patting his own back, vaccines saw a 40 percent drop the next day, the secretary-general of Congress said.
“Record vaccination formula … Madhya Pradesh, June 20: 692 vaccine doses administered, June 21: 16,91,967, June 22: 4,825,” Priyanka Gandhi said.
“The vaccines were collected, used on a single day for the event, then taken down the next day. To give vaccines to all adults in December, 80-90 lakh doses of vaccine will have to be given daily,” he said.
Rahul Gandhi said that unless vaccination against the coronavirus is carried out on a large scale on an ongoing basis, “our country is not safe.”
“Unfortunately, the central government cannot go beyond a public relations event,” the former head of Congress said in a Hindi tweet.
In a tweet, Congressional Chief Spokesperson P Chidambaram said: “Look at the numbers for MP, Karnataka and Haryana from Sunday to Tuesday. BJP governments pull a rabbit out of a hat! Pure magic for a day!”
He tagged a media report on vaccine doses administered in various states, showing the drop in numbers after Monday’s record high.
“Keep an eye on the UP and Gujarat numbers for a few more days,” Chidambaram added.
“I am horrified that eminent doctors attribute Monday’s record to ‘planning’. The plan was to ‘correct’ the figures on Monday,” alleged the former Union minister.
Congressional Leader Jairam Ramesh also highlighted Madhya Pradesh’s vaccination figures for the past three days to attack the government and asked “who are we trying to fool.”
Attacking the government, Chidambaram had said on Wednesday: “Treasure on Sunday, vaccinate on Monday and limp again on Tuesday. That is the secret behind the world ‘record’ of vaccinations in a ‘single day’.”
“I’m sure the ‘feat’ will find a place in the Guinness Book of Records! Who knows, there may be a Nobel Prize in Medicine awarded to the Modi government,” he had said.

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