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Rahul Gandhi Uses ‘White Paper’ to Attack the Center for Covid Mismanagement; BJP Strikes Back, Blames Congressional States | India News


NEW DELHI: Congressional Leader Rahul Gandhi published a “white paper” on Tuesday on the Center’s mismanagement of the Covid crisis that evoked very strong reactions from BJP leaders, who said it was the states governed by the Congress those who made the second wave of Covid.
Rahul Gandhi said that the congressional white paper is a plan on how to react to the third wave of Covid and an attempt to provide the government with information and insight into what went wrong in the first two waves.
The congressional leader also alleged that the prime minister did not take the second wave seriously as he was fighting the elections in West Bengal and his focus was elsewhere.
Responding to Rahul, BJP National Spokesperson Dr. Sambit Patra said: “Whenever there is a tipping point in the battle against Covid, Rahul Gandhi and the Congress party have done their best to go politics. They tried to derail this fight against Covid “.
Referring to the white paper, Dr. Patra said that Rahul Gandhi was trying to create a roadblock by talking about a white paper while holding a press conference in the morning.
“I want to tell Rahul Gandhi that the second wave of corona has started in the states governed by Congress. The second wave of Corona had the greatest impact and the maximum number of corona cases occurred in the states governed by Congress,” he said. Patra.
Amit Malviya, national head of BJP’s department of information and technology, tweeted: “Before Rahul Gandhi pontificated on the management of Covid, despite the fact that Punjab, Rajasthan, Jharkhand, Chattisgarh and Maharashtra, all who ruled the Congress, They had lagged behind, you should let us know if you have. You got vaccinated, as Congress actively promoted doubts about vaccines. ”
Mocking Rahul as ‘Gyani Baba’ (wise monk), Union Minister Smriti Irani said he needs to introspect why his party-ruled states have failed badly in managing Covid.
In a series of tweets after Rahul Gandhi’s press conference, Irani said: “While Gyani Baba is handing out pearls of wisdom to the Honorable Prime Minister, he would like to introspect the following: Where did the second wave begin? Which states had a large percentage of cases and deaths in India? – States governed by Congress. ”
In another tweet, he said: “State with the highest fatality rate: Congress ruled the state. The states with the most noise against vaccines creating vacillation in vaccines, Congress ruled the states. The states that had a rate astronomical positivity during the second wave, Congress ruled the states. ”
Earlier today, Rahul Gandhi affirmed that the central pillar to fight against Covid is vaccination. “It is important that we vigorously vaccinate and cross this bridge over 100 percent vaccination as soon as possible, because that is the only protection,” he said.
The former head of Congress said the government should work towards vaccination with an open mind and not a closed one.
Gandhi also said that this is not the time to claim victory over Covid, as the virus has hurt the country so far and will continue to hurt in the third and subsequent waves.
He also noted that the idea of ​​the Covid vaccination mission is “good”, but the government has to make the process work as an ongoing process and not as a one-day event.
Speaking of the white paper, the leader of Congress said that it is the result of the discussion that took place in Congress and with experts and they have come up with the concept of four pillars.
Explaining more, he said, the first pillar is in what went wrong and that is the basis of the white paper and our suggestions that look at some of the shortcomings and correct them.
The second pillar is the preparation for the third wave, which includes the development of critical infrastructure such as oxygen and the third is the idea of ​​an economic assistance package to help the poorest and weakest people.
The fourth element of the document is to have a Covid compensation fund, where people who have lost loved ones are given money and we commit to and support them as the Indian nation.
“The idea behind our white paper report on COVID-19 is to provide insights and information so that preventable deaths can be prevented in the next few waves. The Government of India should work on our constructive inputs in the interest of the country,” he tweeted later.
The congressional leader also called for compensation to be awarded to all Covid victims and suggested the creation of a compensation fund.
“The government should treat all states equally. The government should not see states as BJP states or opposition states. That bias should not appear,” he said.
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