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Covid-19 deaths under reported in UP: Akhilesh | India News


LUCK: Citing statistics collected through the Right to Information (RTI) from 24 districts, Samajwadi Party National Chairman Akhilesh Yadav on Tuesday accused the ruling BJP of manipulating the figures and ‘reporting far below’ deaths due to the new coronavirus up to 43 times more than the actual toll on UP.
“Actually, it seems that the BJP is trying to hide its face in the statistics because they do not want to answer questions on the subject. According to information accessed through local RTI authorities in 24 districts, statistics have been released showing that the state government has underestimated deaths from Covid-19 in nine months to March 31, 2021, up to 43 times, ”Akhilesh said.
“During these nine months, the municipal corporations of 24 districts issued up to 4,591 death certificates, but according to government statistics only 243 people had died,” said the head of the SP.
Although the BJP is an expert at falsifying statistics, this time the party will not be able to evade the ire of people who have been on the receiving end during the pandemic, he added.
The former UP CM said that there has always been a difference between what the BJP says and what the BJP does. “The party brought demonetization in the name of ending black money and the decision only brought misery to the people. The government did not heed the repeated warnings and warnings from experts about the second wave of the new coronavirus and the result was that thousands of people died, many of them due to lack of oxygen and medicine, “he said.
Attacking the government for alleged widespread corruption, Akhilesh said the poor quality of the material used in laying the Purvanchal Highway has exposed large claims from the government even though the monsoon season has just started.
“The highway has collapsed at more than 50 points in Ghazipur, Mau and Azamgarh. A huge crater has formed near the village of Ukraira due to the poor material used in its construction, ”he said, adding that all this has happened simply because of the rain, as there has been no traffic on these roads.

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