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Sharad Pawar and Yashwant Sinha call to meet to present a united opposition | India News


Sharad Pawar and Yashwant Sinha call to meet to present a united opposition | India News

Sharad Pawar and Yashwant Sinha (File photo)

NEW DELHI: In the first major attempt after the recent round of assembly elections to unite opposition parties, PCN patriarch Sharad Pawar and BJP veteran turned TMC leader Yashwant Sinha called a meeting of political leaders from the anti-BJP spectrum for a discussion on the political situation in the country on Tuesday. However, there will be no representation from Congress.
Interestingly, the three invitations to Congress leaders went to G-23 members: Kapil Sibal, Vivek Tankha, and Manish Tiwari. Two of the guests said they will not attend and one of them is not in the capital. The invitations have not been sent to parties or party leaders as such, but the G23 angle stands out. Congressional sources said the party had not been contacted about the proposed meeting.
Economists and public figures have also been invited to the discussion. The meeting was announced shortly after election strategist Prashant Kishor, who was part of TMC and DMK’s winning campaigns, met with Sharad Pawar on Monday at his residence in Mumbai, where it emerged that they discussed issues related to the unity of the opposition.
The absence of Congress will weaken the “unity” factor in the meeting, which will, however, attract considerable attention. Organized by the “Rashtra Manch” forum which was launched by Sinha in 2018, the discussion is about the “current national scenario”. Sinha detailed the message behind the meeting when he listed the “failures” of the Modi government led by mismanagement by Covid and called on opposition parties to come together to defeat the saffron group.
The former finance minister said that the parties must work so that the votes are not divided and their power increases, which will serve to increase the attractiveness of the opposition platform among the people over time. Ghanshyam Tiwari, who is a member of the manch and a national spokesperson for the Samajwadi Party, said: “We elect leaders first and not parties, based on their active participation in public forums on issues of national interest beyond the narrow limits of the partisan line.. ”
He added: “The BJP government has failed on all fronts, from development to Covid, and instead relies on distractions. The idea behind tomorrow’s meeting is to get India back on the path of progress.”
Interestingly, after Kishor met with Pawar, there were television reports that the senior CPN politician had called a meeting of opposition parties outside of Congress, a speculation that first gained popularity after their lunch meeting. in Mumbai on June 11 that was qualified as a courtesy call.
However, the nature of the discussions became clear when Sinha said that Congress was a key part of the opposition forces and that it should join the unity efforts. “Congress should show maturity. Besides the BJP, it is the only national party and it must commit itself to unity efforts … it must decide, ”he said.
While Sinha’s comments defused the “opposition outside Congress” speech, his recurring mention will surely be disconcerting as there is a view that the presence of Congress damages the unity of the opposition given that many regional parties are in direct conflict with the great old party.
A member of Congress dismissed the possibility, saying that Pawar may make informal efforts to mobilize opposition parties without Congress, but a final image written by him would not exclude Congress. Another official said that Pawar has the ability to bring even regional anti-congressional parties together on one platform, which is good from an opposition point of view.


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