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India will have 257 crore of Covid vaccine doses by December for double dose vaccination of people: Nadda | India News


NEW DELHI: India will have 257 crore of Covid vaccine doses in December to take the double-dose vaccination of people in full swing, BJP National Chairman JP Nadda said on Monday. He said this while visiting a vaccination center at the RML hospital in the national capital.
Nadda said that 130 million people in the country have come forward for vaccinations on the orders of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, despite attempts by the opposition to mislead them and create obstacles.
“Some leaders opposed the vaccines saying they were not guinea pigs or mice. Those who doubted the vaccines are now receiving them. I want to ask those leaders if it was due to a change in their mind, heart or soul,” he said. the national president of the BJP.
He praised BJP workers for helping people during the pandemic and said that while other parties went into quarantine or the ICU, party workers risked their lives to bring relief to people on the ground.
Nadda said that BJP workers at all posts in the country were reaching out to people to ensure the implementation of the prime minister’s call for vaccination.
He said that in India, the world’s “largest and fastest” vaccination program is underway and within 9 months the country produced two indigenous Covid vaccines under Modi’s leadership.

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