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India Plans Global Meeting to Share Co-Win Technology | India News

NEW DELHI: Following Prime Minister Modi’s offer at the recent G7 summit, India’s National Health Authority is planning to hold a “Global Co-Winner Caucus” tentatively scheduled for June 30. The event will be held virtually with India willing to share its expertise and technology.
In a joint initiative of the ministries of health, foreign affairs and the ASN, the conclave will have the participation of experts in health and technology representing countries such as Vietnam, Peru, Mexico, Iraq, the Dominican Republic, Panama, Ukraine, Nigeria, USA. United Arab Emirates and Uganda, among others.
Some countries have developed their own systems, but you can learn a tip or two from India’s experience. According to officials who have been interacting with many of these countries, there is also a huge demand for Covid-19 vaccines. The software is practically useless without vaccines.
The idea is to show the Co-Win portal for countries interested in adopting it, as well as share the technology. According to official sources, more than 20 countries have already shown interest in this technology to help run their own vaccination campaigns.

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