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Covid Vaccination Propaganda Harming the Poor the Most: Harsh Vardhan | India News


NEW DELHI: Union Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan said Monday that rumors and false information against coronavirus vaccines are harming people who belong to the economically weaker sector of society the most.
Speaking to the media, the minister said: “People should be protected from those who spread rumors and false information against coronavirus vaccines, as they harm the poor the most.”
Speaking of the centralized vaccination policy, which begins today, he said that everyone should try to get vaccinated as soon as possible.
“Starting today across India, with the blessing of Prime Minister Modi and the efforts of the Government of India, free vaccinations will be provided to all Indians over the age of 18 in all government health centers. All must try to get vaccinated as soon as possible, “he said.
On the occasion of the seventh International Yoga Day, the minister said that Yoga it has helped people maintain physical and mental health.
After performing Yoga at Maharaja Agrasen Park here, he said: “The relevance of Yoga has increased during Covid-19. Yoga has helped us maintain our physical and mental health. We should make Yoga or other physical activities a part of our daily lives. These will help us increase our immunity against coronavirus. ”
“I assure you, include yoga in your daily routine, it will increase the urgency and inner strength of your body, and it will also give you more strength in the fight against Covid,” he added.
“In the battle of the second wave of covid, we are slowly moving towards success, we do not have to be careless at all, if we were careless and relaxed again, then there may be many more cases of Covid again,” the minister warned. .
This year, the theme of the occasion is ‘Yoga for well-being’, and it will focus on the practice of Yoga for physical and mental well-being. Since 2014, the occasion has been observed in massive rallies in different parts of the country.

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