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New Social Media Rules Formed After Extensive Consultation With Stakeholders: India At The UN India News

NEW DELHI: The latest social media guidelines were formulated after “extensive consultation” with various stakeholders, including industry and civil society, India said in response to concerns raised by the Special Procedures Branch of the Human Rights Council of The United Nations.
“The Permanent Mission of India would like to report that MeitY & Information & Broadcasting Ministry conducted extensive consultations in 2018 with various stakeholders including individuals, civil society, industry associations and invited public comments to prepare draft rules,” said the Ministry of Electronics and Information. technology (MeitY) in a statement Sunday.
India’s statement comes after UN special rapporteurs wrote to the Center saying that India’s Information Technology Rules (Guidelines for Brokers and Digital Media Code of Ethics), 2021, in its current form, does not they conform to international human rights standards.
In response to the criticism, MeitY said the rules were finalized after an inter-ministerial meeting discussed the comments received in detail.
“The Permanent Mission of India would like to stress that India’s democratic credentials are well recognized. The right to freedom of expression and expression is guaranteed by the Indian Constitution. An independent judiciary and strong means are part of the democratic structure of India, “the ministry said.

The UN special rapporteurs’ report said the new social media rules “were not subject to parliamentary review or open to consultation with interested parties.”
“We believe that such consultations with relevant stakeholders are essential to ensure that the final text is consistent with India’s international legal obligations, in particular with articles 17 and 19 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights,” he added.
Union Law and Telecommunications Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad reiterated in an online conference on Saturday that the guidelines issued by the Center for Social Media Businesses came after a Supreme Court order, adding that the instructions they were essential to stop the “misuse” of social media.

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