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LJP factions fight to win over Paswan loyalists; Chirag plans to celebrate the anniversary of the great birth of Yatra, Paras | India News


NEW DELHI: Amid the ongoing struggle for control of the Lok Janshakti Party (LJP), rival groups led by Chirag Paswan and his uncle Pashupati Kumar Paras are now fighting to win over the supporters who backed the party’s founder, Ram Vilas Paswan. While Chirag announced the launch of Hajipur’s “Aashirvaad Yatra” on his father’s anniversary on July 5, the group led by Paras is also planning a big event to celebrate the 75th birthday of the party’s founder in Bihar.
After a meeting of the national executive led by him, Chirag said: “He and my uncle are no longer with me. Members of my own family have abandoned me. It is like a battle in Kkurukshetra and that is why I seek people’s blessings when my own have abandoned me. My party has also decided to raise the demand to confer Bharat Ranta for our founder ”. Chirag took his mother’s blessings and vowed to fight the battle, which has vertically divided the Paswans family.
Chirag’s announcement to start the two-month trip across the state from Hajipur is being seen as a counter measure to his uncle, who represents the Lok Sabha constituency. The LJP founder had left the Hajipur constituency for Paras.
However, hours later, Paras said: “I am very happy that my nephew Chirag is doing this for his father. He was also my brother and people used to call us RAM and Laxman. If Chirag invites me, I will do my best to celebrate my brother’s birthday. For him, Hajipur was not just a constituency, he treated her like a mother. We are all here just because of him. ”He blamed“ Banaras ka ladka ”(a boy from Varanasi) while referring to Chirag’s advisor for spoiling Chirag and dividing the LJP and Paswan family.
Responding to Bharat Ratna’s demand for Paswan, Paras said it took Chirag eight months to make the demand. “I had demanded it shortly after my brother’s death and I had also told him that I would go to Nitish Kumar and urge him to submit a proposal to the Center for this,” he said.
While those who attended the meeting under Chirag supported his leadership and attacked the Paras-led faction, the latter called the meeting an assembly of “hired people” and had no legitimacy. “The Electoral Commission will make the final decision. The chairman of Lok Sabha has recognized me as the leader of the party in the House. I’ve dismissed everyone who attended the meeting except Chirag from the party. He is our party deputy, ”Paras said.
Paras also claimed that Chirag’s elevation as party chairman in 2019, when his father was alive, was illegal as he was nominated and not elected.
Responding to whether he was hopeful that the family would come together, Paras said: “I am sure the time will come when Chirag will realize what went wrong and will mend his path. But there is no such probability, immediately. He must realize how an outsider has spoiled everything. ”

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