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Officials and engineers will face sanctions for repeated failures in the monitoring of NH projects | India News


NEW DELHI: Now officials and engineers from NHAI, the Ministry of Highways and other agencies involved in the construction of NH will be held accountable for failures in quality works and structures. They will face greater or lesser penalties for repeated failures in compliance with the supervision standards or in the event of failure of any structure during construction and operation.
So far, authorities have only penalized contractors and consultants supervising the works or independent engineers for any failure.
According to a circular issued this week, the Ministry of Road Transport has specified the responsibility of the officers in charge at the site, such as project directors, regional officers and executive directors, to inspect the project to ensure that the methodology is followed. of proven job construction.
The ministry said that despite the provision in the contracts to enforce quality assurance and quality control, there have been instances of “failures” by construction companies or supervisory contractors and consultants, which have resulted in failures. during construction.
The circular said that to ensure that quality is not compromised, the officials involved will mandatorily inspect the project to ensure that contractors and consultants are diligently following the approved quality assurance plan. They will have to perform laboratory tests of samples and on-site on important quality characteristics of materials, mixtures, processes and final products.
Officials will be required to conduct monthly inspections of all projects, and for works costing more than Rs 300 million and projects involving a bridge of more than 60 meters, they will be required to conduct bi-monthly inspections. For projects worth 100 to 300 million rupees, the quarterly inspection is mandatory.
The circular said that there will be graduated action for breach of the officers in their duty. For example, they will be warned and warned of the first two instances of failures and in the third instance the warning will be logged. “Cases of failures that exceed three times or failures of the structure during construction or operation will attract greater or lesser penalties,” said an official.

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