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New CoWIN feature to eliminate duplication | India News


New CoWIN feature to eliminate duplication | India News

PUNE: The Center on Friday introduced a new feature to eliminate duplicate certificates in CoWIN, offering relief to several beneficiaries who did not obtain the final certificate despite obtaining both doses because they used different cell phone numbers to register on the portal. Until now, these recipients were obtaining two first dose certificates showing different mobile phone numbers.
The show comes two days after TOI reported that there are at least one lakh of cases in Maharashtra alone of people who are fully vaccinated, but their names are shown as due for the second vaccine. Users can log into CoWIN, click “raise a problem” and select the option “merge multiple interim first dose certificates”.
Referring to the new feature, RS Sharma, president of the empowered group on Covid Vaccine Administration, told TOI: “CoWIN has an easy entry system where users must register using their cell phone numbers to create an account. . Many people, for whatever reason, got their first dose by registering from one cell phone number and the second dose by registering from another phone number. They should have received both doses with a single account so that the system has their vaccination records. ”
He said that the CoWIN system does not work on ticket deduplication and therefore would not automatically prevent new logins if the same person signs up with another number.
However, some users have problems despite using the same phone number. Prabhakar Jagdale said: “My parents are having trouble getting the final certificate after the second dose. It appears that the second dose was registered as the first dose in the system by mistake. I’m not sure if it happened due to an error in the center loading information or an error in CoWin. ”


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