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India abstains from voting on UNGA resolution on Myanmar | India News


UNITED NATIONS: India abstained on a UN General Assembly resolution on Myanmar, saying its views have not been reflected in the draft resolution and that a “consultative and constructive” approach involving neighboring countries of Myanmar is important as the international community strives for a peaceful resolution of the issue.
The UNGA adopted a resolution on Myanmar on Friday calling for “the Myanmar armed forces to respect the will of the people freely expressed by the results of the general elections on November 8, 2020, to end the state of emergency and to respect all the human rights of the people of Myanmar and enable Myanmar’s sustained democratic transition, including the opening of the democratically elected parliament, and working so that all national institutions, including the armed forces, are under a fully inclusive civilian government that is representative of the will of the people “.
The resolution was adopted with 119 countries voting “yes”, Belarus voting “no” and India along with 35 other countries abstaining, including China and Russia.
In its explanation of vote, India said that “we consider that our views have not been reflected in the draft that is being considered for approval today. We would like to reiterate that a consultative and constructive approach involving neighboring countries and the region continues. being important, since the international community fights for the peaceful solution of the problem “.
“The fact that there is a lack of support from all neighboring countries, as well as from various countries in the region itself, should hopefully serve as an eye-opener for those who choose to pursue a hasty course of action,” India said, and He added that he does not believe that the presentation of this resolution for approval at this juncture is “conducive to assisting our joint efforts towards strengthening the democratic process in Myanmar.”
“Therefore, we are forced to abstain,” India said.

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