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The coronavirus mutated and citizens lowered their guard, leading to the second wave: Harsh Vardhan | India News


NEW DELHI: While the coronavirus mutated and evolved, citizens lowered their guard and all of this led to an increase in cases, reaching the second wave, Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan said on Friday.
Vardhan made the remarks after distributing masks to front-line workers at the Union Ministry of Health.
He stated that although this gesture was symbolic, people from various industries and corporate houses, and political leaders holding public office could start a virtuous chain by emulating the exercise, and eventually amplifying the Jan Andolan to protect everyone from Covid-19 through of Covid’s proper behavior, one said the health ministry statement.
The goal of the exercise at the Ministry of Health is to distribute masks to all employees, starting with the front-line workers and then moving on to the rest of the staff.
“The government worked around the clock to stop Covid-19 last year. Under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji, we were immensely successful in minimizing the number of active cases.
“However, with the arrival of vaccines earlier this year and things returning to normal, people gradually invited lax in their adherence to the simple code of appropriate Covid behavior. As the virus mutated and evolved, we went down the guard. All of this was compounded by the increase in cases, the snowball in the second wave, “Vardhan said in the statement.
Explaining the significance of the event, he said: “With many corners of India gradually moving towards unlocking the second wave, we cannot afford laxity and any further increase in cases again.”
It took home the point that masks are the simplest, most powerful and most powerful weapon against all variants of the coronavirus.
Appealing to all employers in some capacity, including corporate and industry leaders, social organizations, his colleagues in other ministries, and other political leaders in office, he said: “We must all ensure that all of our employees are safe from Covid “.
“We must ensure that all of them have proper masks, that the masks are worn correctly and inform them, if deemed necessary, about the importance of appropriate Covid behavior. We must encourage them to get vaccinated as well,” he said.
The minister stressed that the Government of India had already started the largest vaccination campaign in the world and is now fully prepared to universalize the campaign and open it free of charge to all adult citizens over 18 years of age in the country, the statement said. saying.
He also called on all Indians who have not yet been vaccinated to get vaccinated and join Jan Andolan against Covid-19, the statement added.

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