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Suvendu Adhikari Seeks Mukul Roy’s Disqualification from Bengal Assembly | India News


CALCUTTA: The leader of the Bengal BJP, Suvendu Adhikari, who is the leader of the opposition in the West Bengal assembly, has asked the president to disqualify the leader of Trinamool, Mukul Roy, as a member of the House.
Mukul Roy had won the assembly elections with a BJP candidacy from the assembly constituency of Krishnanagar Uttar. However, after the elections he left the BJP and returned to the Trinamool fold.
“Respected Sir, attached is the disqualification petition from Sri Mukul Roy, Member of the Legislative Assembly of 83, Electoral District of the Krishnanagar Uttar Assembly. Please dispose of it as soon as possible. Please acknowledge receipt.” , read Suvendu Adhikari’s petition.
Suvendu had previously demanded Mukul Roy’s resignation under the anti-desertion law and had warned against taking legal action if he did not resign as an MLA on his own.
On June 15, addressing journalists, Adhikari had said: “Todna-Jodna is part of TMC’s dirty politics. They have been doing this for the last 10 years and no one has objected. But now they are objecting and they will take measures under the -Law of defection “.
However, the Trinammol had attacked Suvendu for not doing what he was preaching.
TMC Senior Leader Kunal Ghosh responded to Suvendu for his comment on the “anti-desertion law” and asked him to teach the law to his father, Sisir Adhikari.
Suvendu’s father, Sisir Adhikari, was a TMC MP, but joined the BJP before the assembly elections while still in office.
“If (LoP) Suvendu Adhikari has deep knowledge about anti-desertion law, he shouldn’t try to teach TMC. He should first teach his father Sisir Da because he is a TMC MP and joined the BJP before the elections while still in charge. the publication, “Ghosh told ANI.
The BJP in Bengal is concerned by reports that several TMC rebels who had joined the party prior to the assembly elections are now eager to return to the Trinamool fold.
BJP MLA Rajib Banerjee met with Trinamool Congress secretary general of state Kunal Ghosh last week at the latter’s residence, fueling speculation that he was ready to switch sides.
The BJP lost the Bengal assembly elections, but emerged as the second largest party with 77 seats in the 294-member assembly. The Trinamool Congress recorded a landslide victory by winning 213 seats.
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