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PUC Uniform Vehicle Certificate Goes into Effect for Better Enforcement | India News


NEW DELHI: Soon enforcement agencies will be able to view their vehicle’s PUC certificate status and issuance details anywhere in the country. The Ministry of Road Transport notified on Monday the uniform format for all PUC certificates with a QR code and this database will be linked to the online National Registry. This will also help the agencies to detect any fake PUC certificates.
The QR code will contain all the information about the vehicle and the vehicle’s emission level at the time of the test. According to the notification, it has been made mandatory to link the owner’s mobile phone number to the PUC certificate. They will receive SMS alerts for validation and rates, which means that the SMS generated by the system will be sent to the owner’s registered mobile number prior to the PUC.
This will also put a check on vehicle theft, as such cases can be detected when vehicles are taken to testing centers to obtain a PUC certificate.
The QR code printed on a PUC certificate will have full details of the PUC center, the name of the vehicle owner, and the issuance status. The new certificate will have the name of the owner of the vehicle, mobile phone number, address, engine number and chassis number; however, only the last four digits will be visible and the other digits will be masked to prevent any misuse.
For the first time, the concept of “reject slip” is introduced for vehicles that fail the pollution control test. A common rejection ticket format will be provided to vehicle owners if the value of the test result is greater than the maximum value allowed, as provided in emission standards, the ministry said.
The slip can be used to repair the vehicle, if the device of the PUC center does not work when it is tested in another center.
The notification says that if an enforcement officer has reason to believe that a vehicle is not complying with the provisions of the emissions standards, they can communicate in writing or by electronic means to instruct the driver or the person in charge of the vehicle to take it. to perform the test in any of the test stations authorized by the PUC.
If the driver or person in charge of the vehicle does not present the vehicle for compliance, the owner will be responsible for the fine under the provisions of the Motor Vehicle Law, which can be up to three months in jail or with a fine of up to 10,000 rupees. and disqualification from having a driving license for three months

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