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PM May Hold All-Party Gathering at J&K on June 24 | India News


PM May Hold All-Party Gathering at J&K on June 24 | India News

Union Interior Minister Amit Shah and Jammu and Kashmir Deputy Governor Manoj Sinha arrive for a meeting to review development activities at J&K in New Delhi on Friday June 18, 2021 (PTI).

NEW DELHI: As security forces continue to dominate Jammu and Kashmir and the state appears to reap a “security” dividend, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is likely to hold a meeting of all the state’s political parties on June 24.
While the date could still be up for discussion, official sources said the plan for the meeting is under consideration and has been tentatively scheduled. The meeting will be seen as an attempt to boost the political process in the UT after a gradual easing of Internet restrictions and the arrest of political leaders. The agenda before us includes the delimitation and holding of elections and the installation of a government.
Interior Minister Amit Shah reviewed the situation at UT on Friday, sparking speculation about a possible political initiative. J&K LG Manoj Sinha attended the review carried out amid a steady decline in terrorist incidents, local recruiting and infiltration this year – gains that didn’t seem possible until recently and that have allowed the administration to bring coverage of the schemes central 90% and vaccination. coverage to 76% of the population aged 45 years and over.
Shah highlighted the enhanced security scenario and expanded scope of the core schemes, and highlighted the need to accelerate the implementation of the PM development package and other industrial projects.
The meeting was held in the context of speculation that the Center was exploring the possibility of harnessing relative peace to take political action. When contacted, the sources refrained from confirming whether possible political steps were featured in the meeting. “The focus was on development and vaccination and let’s keep it that way,” said a source.
In a separate security review at J&K chaired by Shah on Friday, where NSA Ajit Doval, heads of central intelligence agencies and paramilitary forces in addition to J&K DGP were present, the statistics seemed to confirm the advantage of the security forces. Terrorist incidents dropped to around 40 as of May 31 this year compared to 238 in 2020. Up to 52 terrorists died in the first five months of 2021.
In his meeting with Sinha, Shah congratulated him and his team on the success of the Covid vaccination campaign at J&K, with four districts achieving 100% vaccination in the 45+ category. The success of the “J&K vaccination model” can be attributed to special initiatives, including door-to-door knocking and an attempt to help people overcome doubts by involving community and religious leaders to break the “myths” of the vaccines.


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