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Nandigram’s Election Petition in Calcutta High Court: Mamata’s Lawyer Seeks Change of Judge | India News


NEW DELHI: West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Friday requested a bank change for the hearing of her petition challenging the victory of Suvendu Adhikari of the Nandigram BJP.
Mamata’s petition, filed yesterday in the Calcutta High Court, was assigned to Judge Kausik Chanda and postponed until June 24.
In a letter to the acting secretary of the Chief Justice, the Prime Minister’s lawyer expressed his apprehension about the probability of bias on the part of the judge in question, since Mamata “had objected to the confirmation of the Honorable Judge as Permanent Judge of the Honorable Calcutta High Court “.
Stating that Mamata Banerjee has been aware that Judge Kausik Chanda was “an active member of the BJP” and since the adjudication of the electoral petition will have political ramifications, it has been prayed that the acting chief will assign the matter to another judge. Justice, who is the master of the list, said the letter.
Mamata’s attorney urged that the letter be immediately submitted to the acting Chief Justice “for the necessary reassignment of the petition for election in order to avoid any bias and / or presumption of bias.”
Mamata Banerjee and her assistant-turned-rival Suvendu Adhikari, who left the Trinamool Congress to join the BJP before the assembly elections, were locked in an intense electoral battle in Nandigram.
Suvendu won the election by a margin of around 2,000 votes. However, Mamata had alleged that the election official rejected their requests for a recount.

Meanwhile, a section of lawyers organized a protest in front of the high court because Judge Chanda was assigned to hear the electoral petition of the Trinamool Supreme Congress.
“We do not have any personal resentment or accusations against the judge, but he was associated with a particular political party,” said one of the lawyers.
The judge should refrain from hearing Banerjee’s statement, he added.
The Calcutta High Court takes four electoral petitions for TMC candidates
Meanwhile, following in Mamata’s footsteps, four other Trinamool leaders, who lost the assembly elections, petitioned the Calcutta high court.
Their pleas were heard in four different courts of the high court.
In contesting Goghat’s BJP Biswanath Karak’s election, TMC’s candidate, Manas Majumdar, moved to the high court.
Judge Suvra Ghosh, by noting the petitioner’s presence in person before the court in virtual mode, ordered the issuance of the notice to the defendants and set the matter for their hearing on July 9.
Taking Shantiram Mahato’s petition against BJP’s Baneswar Mahato, who was declared the winner by the Balarampur EC, Judge Subhasis Dasgupta said the matter will go to a hearing on July 15.
The court ordered that, pending a decision in the case, the competent authority keep the documents, electoral papers and devices related to the contested ballot boxes.
Judge Bibek Chaudhuri, upon hearing another petition from TMC candidate Alo Rani Sarkar, challenging the election of the Bongaon Dakshin BJP Swapan Majumdar, said that a notification will be sent to him within two weeks of the date of this order. , asking you to file an affidavit in opposition. , If any.
The issue will appear on the list on July 16.
Judge Tirthankar Ghosh postponed hearing the petition of TMC candidate Sangram Kumar Dolai, which challenged the election of Ashoke Dinda de Moyna, until June 25, when the matter will go to hearing.
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