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Encounter: SC asks Punjab and Haryana HC to listen to the plea of ​​the murdered gangster’s father for a second autopsy | India News


NEW DELHI: On Friday, the Supreme Court overturned the Punjab and Haryana High Court order dismissing the guilty plea filed by the father of murdered gangster Jaipal Singh Bhullar requesting instructions from the Punjab government to conduct a second autopsy on the body of your son.
The higher court, which had declined the guilty plea based on territorial jurisdiction, was requested by the supreme court to consider the plea again on June 21.
A holiday bank of judges Indira Banerjee and MR Shah also ordered the Punjab government to make the necessary arrangements to preserve the body, which has been brought to Firozpur in Punjab from Calcutta.
“The contested order is annulled. The Superior Court is asked to hear the matter on Monday (June 21). The government of Punjab will make the necessary arrangements for the storage of bodies, ”the bank said.
Bhullar and another gangster Jaspreet Singh, involved in the murder of two police officers recently in Ludhiana, were shot and killed by a Kolkata police team in a shooting in the city on June 9 after receiving “accurate” information from their counterparts in Punjab.
The high court had dismissed the statement of the murdered gangster’s father, saying the matter is not under their jurisdiction as the encounter took place in Kolkata.
During the high court hearing, lawyer Ishma Randhawa, who appeared on behalf of Bhullar’s father, Bhupinder Singh, alleged that it was a false encounter and that the deceased was killed by torture in custody.
She maintained that Singh has seen Bhullar’s body which has turned blue and the bones are broken.
Randhawa said that his father had gone to Kolkata on his own and brought the body to Firozpur in Punjab.
“I am not seeking a CBI investigation into the encounter, but all I want is a second autopsy to determine whether or not he was killed under custody torture. I have the right to know according to article 21 of the constitution to know how my son was murdered, ”he said.
On Thursday, the Punjab and Haryana High Court dismissed a petition filed by Bhullar’s father seeking directions to the state of Punjab to conduct a second autopsy on his son’s body, either at PGIMER here or at AIIMS, New. Delhi.
The court had also dismissed another claim to preserve Bhullar’s body at the Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER).
Bhullar’s family has yet to perform their last rites. Bhullar’s father, Bhupinder Singh, in his request had asked the state of Punjab for directions to carry out a second autopsy on his son’s body, either at PGIMER, the Indian Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, or somewhere else. independent medical institute to determine the nature of the injuries.
Bhupinder Singh, a retired Punjab police inspector, has reported that his son was tortured before being shot to death.
Earlier Monday, the Ferozepur deputy commissioner had rejected Bhullar’s family’s request for a second autopsy.

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