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Disburse the pension to the family of the government employee on presentation of the death certificate, the government tells the banks | India News


NEW DELHI: In a reform aimed at facilitating the “ease of life” for senior citizens during the Covid-19 era, all banks have received instructions to disburse the family pension expeditiously after the presentation of the death certificate of a pensioner of the central government, and do not delay citing other procedural formalities.
Instructions have been issued to all pension disbursing banks through a circular issued by the Department of Pensions and Pensioners’ Welfare (DOPPW), indicating that in the event of the death of a pensioner, the spouse or relative of the deceased pensioners will not you should be subject to any inconvenience in looking for unnecessary details and documents, and the pension should be disbursed as soon as possible instead.
The Minister of State of the Union for the personnel, Jitendra Singh, revealed that some cases have been brought to the attention of the department in which, after the death of a pensioner, the disbursing banks asked the relatives of the deceased to present details and documents , which otherwise are not required for the start of the family pension. He said such inconveniences for the elderly should be avoided, especially during the time of the pandemic.
In a statement to the holders of all pension disbursing banks, it has been instructed that without causing harassment to the relatives of the deceased pensioner, the pension must begin with the presentation of the death certificate of the deceased pensioner and in case the pensioner has a joint account with your spouse, the presentation of a simple letter or application should be enough to start the family pension. In cases where the spouse does not have a joint account with the deceased pensioner, a simple request on Form-14 with the signature of two witnesses must be valid for the start of the family pension.
The DOPPW also asked banks to carry out special awareness programs to sensitize concerned officials and make them aware of the latest instructions, as well as for compassionate handling of family pension cases.
It has also been instructed that the bank’s website must prominently display the name and contact details of a nodal official with whom a family pensioner will contact him in case of inconveniences in the processing of the cases of family pensions after the death of the pensioner. In addition, a semi-annual statement on the progress of the sanction of family pension cases can be submitted to the pension department in the prescribed format.

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