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Conspiracy Against Vaccination Campaign, Containment of Covid-19: Nadda Calls on BJP Leaders to Expose Opposition | India News


NEW DELHI: Bharatiya Janata Party chief JP Nadda addressed party members of parliament and party workers on Friday.
and urged them to expose the opposition’s plan to derail attempts to contain Covid-19 in the country.
While praising the work done under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership to combat the pandemic, Nadda lashed out at the opposition for deflecting the measures taken by the Center to defeat Covid-19.
“A great conspiracy was hatched against the vaccination campaign and the war for the pandemic. The opposition played politics. Why the confinement? Why not the confinement? Now the issue of calf serum in the vaccine and the suspicious about the vaccine, “he said.
He also targeted opposition leaders for trying to derail the vaccination process. “On vaccination, Mamata Banerjee and Arvind
Kejriwal said they want to buy vaccines themselves. PM Modi decentralized it. However, it was re-centralized after the failure of
state. You have to tell the people that we are serving the people, while the opposition is derailing the process, “said Nadda.
Giving vaccines is the task of the Center, while wasting vaccines is the task of the State. They threw the vaccine, he claimed. “Manish Tewari and Shashi Tharoor promoted hesitation and said that we are not rats or guinea pigs. Society was made to fear the vaccination process,” Nadda said.
“The state governments failed to follow what they were told and the warnings that were sent to them, they were not sufficiently alert,” he added.
The BJP chief, who virtually addressed the party leaders, urged the party’s parliamentarians to go among the people and tell them how the opposition played politics to ensure that the Covid vaccination campaign is unsuccessful and that the attempts to bring relief to people are frustrated.
Nadda also praised MPs for serving the people when leaders and workers of other political parties were not even seen among the people.
“They are not coming out of their quarantine yet and they are doing politics only on Twitter. When the whole world was spreading negativity, Prime Minister Modi launched a vaccination program,” Nadda said.
The head of the BJP said that during the second wave, from January to March, India used to receive 20,000 cases of Covid every day. “When state governments were callous in their approach to combat the coronavirus, 17 notices from the Center were sent to every state.
On March 17, PM Modi, at the CM conference, addressed them and told them that containment zones should be made and testing and tracing should be promoted, “said Nadda.
He said he would like to say that when the government was making vaccines, opposition leaders were creating obstacles. “Listen to the Netas and their statements, they misled the people, Shashi Tharoor or Gyani Netas like Manish Tewari. The people will not forgive them.”
These people were issuing statements on Twitter. In addition to Covaxin and Covishield, we will now also have SputnikV. Bharat Biotech was asked to increase its capacity, “said Nadda.
He reported that PM Modi did not take the vaccine first and followed the WHO protocol of administering the vaccine to front-line workers. He took it when in the second phase it was given to those over 60.
Nadda gave detailed reports on what the Center did and what the state government did during Covid. From April 4 to May 29, PM Modi held 19 regular meetings with various stakeholders.
The BJP chief said Prime Minister Modi followed the principles of federalism and, as a tutor, became aware of the challenges that states can face.
“India is federal in nature and it is not an easy task to bring the schemes to the ground and yet cooperative federalism is helping us vaccinate people and this is why foreign countries should not be compared to India.” Nadda added.
Nadda claimed that state governments were unsuccessful in following what they were told and the warnings that were sent to them, they weren’t vigilant enough.
He also gave details of the wellness measures under the PM Cares Fund. He informed the party leader about the increase in the country’s oxygen capacity.
“From 900 metric tons, the oxygen capacity increased to 9400 metric tons in a week. Oxygen tankers, trains were organized. We should know that liquid medical oxygen was sent to designated places. We never knew we would need so much oxygen. 1800 departures They were made by the Air Force.
Navy from foreign land brought in containers. 1500 PSA plants are being established. I urge Members to ensure that the district hospital receives PSA plants. Cryogenic tanks have also been increased, “added Nadda.
He said that the production of Remdisivir was increased. “2,084 Corona hospitals were established. Today, the government gave
licenses to pharmaceutical companies and the capacity of existing pharmaceutical companies was increased, “he said.
Nadda gave details of the vaccination campaign on how the government is sure to administer both doses to 130 crore Indians by the end of the year.

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