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Sonia has received blows from Covid, the government should inoculate everyone instead of creating problems: Congress | India News


NEW DELHI: Sonia Gandhi has taken both doses of the Covishield vaccine, Congress said on Thursday following questions from the BJP, calling on the government to follow the ‘raj dharma’ of vaccinating all Indians rather than creating problems.
The daughter of the president of Congress, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, took her first dose of the vaccine and her son and Rahul Gandhi will inject themselves after the Covid recovery as advised by doctors, party spokesman Randeep Surjewala said while criticizing to the BJP for raising doubts as to whether the Gandhis had landed their blows.
Several BJP leaders have raised questions about Gandhis vaccines and accused them and the party of creating “vaccine vacillation” in the country.
“Instead of beating around the bush and creating no problems, the Modi government should focus on vaccinating 80 lakh to 1 crore of people daily to reach the target of 100 crore of Indians by December 31, 2021. This is the only ‘raj dharma “they need to follow after failing the people of India during the second wave of Covid,” Surjewala told PTI after the BJP sought the details of the vaccination of the first Congressional family.
Harsh Vardhan is India’s health minister and “you should know that the president of Congress has taken both doses of Covishield vaccination,” said the congressional leader.
“Shri Rahul Gandhi was scheduled to be vaccinated on April 16, 2021. As she had mild flu symptoms, she was first tested and the RT-PCR test came back positive on April 18, 2021. After recovering from Covid and as reported vaccine gap by doctors, would be vaccinated, “he said.
Congress Secretary General Priyanka Gandhi has also received the first dose of vaccination, he said. “Thereafter, her husband tested positive on March 28, and since she was exposed, she and her husband will receive the necessary vaccine after the mandatory vaccination period has passed,” said Surjewala.
He claimed that the Modi government and the health minister are “guilty of mismanagement of vaccination in the Himalayas” in India.
“The stubbornness and incompetence of the Prime Minister and the Minister of Health have endangered the lives of millions of Indians leaving us unprepared and unprotected from a possible third wave of coronavirus,” he said.
In the six months between January 16 and June 16, he said, only 3.51 percent of India’s total population of Rs.140 million has been vaccinated with both doses.
This is the lowest vaccination coverage in the world, according to the leader of Congress.
Surjewala noted that the average vaccination through June 16 is 17.23 lakh per day over a six-month period. At this rate, it will take 944 days to vaccinate the 94.4 crore Indians with both doses, after deducting the 26 crore doses already administered, he said.
This would mean that vaccination coverage would be possible only after 2.5 years, as 944 days would end on January 16, 2024, he said.
“The simple question is whether India can afford to wait that long,” he said.
“Rather than address the issue of vaccination, a belligerent Health Minister, Dr. Harsh Vardhan, and the BJP are trying to derail the problem by focusing on the vaccination of Congress President Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra.” , alleged the leader of Congress.
Congress has been criticizing the government’s vaccination strategy and asked them to go public with their policy on how to vaccinate all Indians and protect them from Covid-19 in the future.

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