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Propaganda Complaint Against Twitter, Its India CEO, Actor Swara Bhaskar, Journalist Arfa Khanum | India News


NEW DELHI: Two days after Ghaziabad police booked Twitter Inc, Twitter Communication India Pvt Ltd and others, more trouble is brewing for the US-based social media giant, as a The complaint against him is MD Manish Maheshwari, Bollywood actor Swara Bhaskar, journalist Arfa Khanum Sherwani and others for giving common color without verifying the veracity of an incident.
The complaint has also named Mohammad Asif Khan and was filed on June 16 at the Tilak Marg Police Station by a lawyer Amit Acharya.
An official said they are certifying the complaint and will register a case only after that.
In his complaint, Acharya alleged that some people had posted a video on social media of a man identified as Abdul Samad Saifi, who was beaten, beaten and had his beard cut off. “It was also argued that the criminals were from the Hindu community and made Saifi sing Vande Matram and Jai Shei Ram against their wishes,” Acharya alleged.
In addition, he alleged that Khan, Sherwani, Bhaskar, who have his account on social networks, “were inspired by the incident and started a propaganda to spread hatred among citizens.”
He said that these users have thousands of followers on Twitter and, knowing that their tweets have an impact on society, “they gave common colors to the incident without verifying the veracity of the incident.”
“The concerned tweets were spread on social media with the motive of hampering harmony and peace between religious groups,” the defender said.
He added that the tweets “did not indicate his personal opinions, but rather showed the intentions of users to start a conspiracy against religious harmony in the country to promote hatred and enmity between religious groups.”
It also alleged that the users “knowingly shared the false information and thus committed crimes under various sections of the Indian Penal Code.”
Acharya in his complaint also mentioned the findings of the Ghaziabad police and said: “Saifi and the other criminals already knew each other. Saifi had sold them a ‘tabeez’ guaranteeing positive results. And when it did not yield positive results, the criminals beat the police. learned of and arrested three people in connection with the incident. ”
He said that the Ghaziabad police also released a statement on the midnight of June 14-15 on their Twitter account regarding their findings.
“Despite the clear information available, users used this incident to communalize and spread hatred between religions,” he said.
Charging Twitter, Twitter India and his MD, Acharya said, “Twitter Inc, Twitter India, his MD Maheshwari did not take any action to remove these fake tweets knowing the fact that the incident had no common angle.
“Nor did he filter these tweets as manipulated media whose sole objective is to disturb the peace and harmony among citizens.”
The defender further alleged that this is not the first time that these users have been accused of spreading false and hateful information through these platforms.
“I request that an FIR be registered against Khan, Bhaskar, Sherwani, Maheshwari, Twitter Inc, Twitter India and investigate the matter leading to a legal end by causing the alleged persons to be punished according to the laws of the country,” added Acharya.
Previously, the Ghaziabad police had booked Twitter Inc, Twitter India, Mohammad Zubair, The Wire, Congress leader Shama Mohammad and several others.

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