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Jharkhand Government Waives Rs 980 Crore Loan From 2.46 Lakh Farmers | India News


RANCHI: The Jharkhand government said on Thursday that it has renounced loans worth Rs 980 crore from 2.46 lakh farmers in the state so far and is committed to their well-being.
Chief Minister Hemant Soren, upon completing a year of his rule on December 29 last year, had officially announced the farm loan exemption plan.
In the first phase, the government decided to forgo agricultural loans of up to Rs 50,000.
“The state government is committed to the farmers’ loan exemption. The Jharkhand farm loan exemption scheme is one of the important schemes of our government.
“This plan has brought happiness to farmers who were in debt,” said state agriculture minister Badal Patralekh.
Patralekh, in a statement issued by the state government, has been quoted as saying that the government had announced the loan exemption in the budget and that work is underway to carry out the plan.
“The government has waived the loans of 2.46,012 farmers so far. A total amount of Rs 980.06 crore has been given in the farmers’ loan exemption,” said the minister.
He said bank correspondents will also be hired to speed up the plan and urged farmers to link their accounts with Aadhaar by visiting banks.

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