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India’s response to external aggression has always been determined: Rajnath Singh | India News


GUWAHATI: Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said Thursday that the country’s response to any external aggression has always been resolute, as it dedicated 12 strategically important highways to the nation in the country’s eastern and northern border areas with China in Arunachal Pradesh, Ladakh and Jammu. And Kashmir from Assam.
Singh, in his speech at the function in Assam’s Lakhimpur, near the interstate border with Arunachal Pradesh, paid tribute to the soldiers who showed exemplary courage during the Galwan Valley incident last year and made the supreme sacrifice in the service of the nation.
Recognizing the challenges at international borders, Singh said: “We are peace worshipers and India regards the whole world as one family. We have never shown any aggression against any country. But, if someone resorts to aggression against us, we know how to give an adequate response ”.
Singh said that in addition to being strategically located, the northeast’s geography is unique. “I say it is unique because the northeast region is surrounded by five nations.” Singh, strikingly, named four nations: Bangladesh, Myanmar, Bhutan and Nepal and not China.
The ten roads in Arunachal Pradesh are more than 284 km long and have been built by the Border Roads Organization at a cost of more than 1200 million rupees and include three 150 km sections from Balipara in Assam to the border city of Tawang .
The other two roads are in Ladakh (Koyul – Photile – Chusumle-Zursar) and Jammau & Kashmir (Dogra Mandir – Parol – Janiyal – Bomiyal).
Singh praised BRO for its contribution in developing the infrastructure of the country’s remote border areas, especially amid Covid-19 restrictions. He said that the inaugurated highways have a strategic and socioeconomic importance, since they will play an important role in strengthening national security, as well as promoting the development of the northeast region.
He added that the 10 roads in Arunachal Pradesh are not only strategically important, but also part of the Government’s Eastern Law Policy to strengthen relations with East Asian countries.
“These roads will be useful to meet the needs of our Armed Forces and transport necessities such as medicines and rations to remote areas,” he said.
He added that as part of the Government’s “Acting East Policy”, special emphasis has been placed on the general development of border areas and reiterated the Government’s determination for the development of the Northeast. He described the region as the gateway not only to the overall development of the country, but also to the nation’s relations with the East Asian countries.

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