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In Rare Surgery, Doctors Staple the Belly of a 50kg Dog | India News


About three years ago, Yasmin Daruwala, began to notice that her otherwise active dog, Deepika, had suddenly become lethargic, was still panting, and was eating more. At 50 kg, Deepika weighed 30 kg more than she should have weighed. After considering and ruling out a number of weight loss diets, doctors decided to perform a sleeve gastrectomy, a type of bariatric surgery.
“Maybe we did stomach stapling on a dog for the first time in India,” said Dr. Narendra Pardeshi, Deepika’s vet. For three years, Pardeshi had tried many weight loss diets, but none worked. Operating her was risky due to her multiple health problems. But it seemed like the only option. So Pardeshi began training for surgery. He contacted Dr. Shashank Shah, a leading bariatric surgeon from Pune, and trained with him for six months. In fact, Shah assisted Pardeshi in Deepika’s surgery.
A third of the pet’s stomach was successfully stapled in a two-hour procedure in Pune on June 6. Deepika has lost 5 kg and is now slowly returning to her vivacious self.
“It used to be worrying. She just sat on the couch, salivating and panting. His food intake increased. He had to spend 10,000 rupees a month on it. That’s when we contacted the clinic, ”said Daruwala. The surgery cost a little over 1 lakh rupees.
Pardeshi said that hypothyroidism and a high-carbohydrate diet had led to a series of cascading health problems. “He had high blood pressure, an enlarged heart, joint problems, and a bluish tongue, which meant he wasn’t getting enough oxygen. He had a high BMI and was panting and salivating. For a dog of your size, a healthy basal metabolic rate should be 80-90. His was 280-290, ”he added.
It was a laparoscopic procedure and it was done by making three holes in her abdomen. Doctors stapled a part of his stomach, which should reduce hunger hormone secretion by 70%, resulting in gradual weight loss. In another three weeks, he will undergo one more surgery to remove a hernia of a hind leg, which developed due to his weight. For the first week after surgery, she was fed a liquid diet of chicken soup.
“Starting today, he will be given wet jelly dog ​​food,” Pardeshi said. Over time, you will be able to return to a normal canine diet.

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