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‘We have already moved to disqualify him’: TMC rules out the possibility of recovering the rebel deputy Sunil Mondal | India News


CALCUTTA: On Wednesday, the Trinamool Congress practically ruled out the possibility of re-inducing TMC MP Sunil Mondal, who had joined the BJP last year, and said the party has already moved to terminate his membership under the anti-law law. desertion.
Mondal, who joined the BJP in December last year along with Suvendu Adhikari, said Tuesday that he did not “feel comfortable” in his new party because the promises made to him were not kept, sparking speculation about his future political move. .
TMC leader and senior spokesperson Sougata Roy said such comments would not yield results as the party has already changed representation to end its membership.
“Such comments will not yield any results. Before the assembly elections, despite being a TMC deputy twice and three years into his tenure, he switched to the BJP. He never had any problems or complaints with the party.”
“We talked to him and tried to reason with him. But then he was adamant about leaving the party and joining the saffron camp,” Roy said.
“He joined Suvendu Adhikari. Now those comments that make him feel uncomfortable will not give any results,” he said.
Mondal said on Tuesday that although he had done everything possible to ensure the BJP victory in the district, there was a confidence deficit within the party in those who had switched from the TMC.
“BJP does not believe those who joined from TMC. Even my belief about the organizational strength of the BJP has been disproved. I do not feel comfortable here,” he said.
Mondal joined the BJP along with Suvendu Adhikari at a meeting of Interior Minister Amit Shah in Medinipur in December last year.
“Suvendu did not keep his promise to work together. He did not stay in contact with me. I have no contact with him now,” he said.
With these comments, Mondal joined a long list of leaders who switched to the BJP before the assembly elections and began sending polls to his former TMC party after the election results were declared.
BJP National Vice President Mukul Roy returned to TMC a few days ago.
After their return home, many other TMC defectors to the saffron party who saw the landslide victory of Mamata Banerjee’s party in state polls are working for a similar return to the parents’ party.
The TMC has recently moved Lok Sabha seeking the disqualification of Sisir Adhikari and Sunil Mondal, who were elected deputies on the TMC ballot but joined the BJP just before the assembly elections.
While Sisir Adhikari had won from the Kanthi Lok Sabha seat in Bengal, Mondal was re-elected from the Bardhaman Purba parliamentary constituency.

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