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Eliminate Vitamin A From National Supplement Policy: Experts | India News


HYDERABAD: Nutrition experts have called for a national policy change on vitamin A supplementation, stating that vitamin A deficiencies in kids they are no longer a public health problem in India.
They argued that vitamin A supplementation can lead to an overdose of vitamin A or hypervitaminosis. Researchers from the city-based National Institute of Nutrition, St John’s Research Institute, Bangalore, and Sitaram Bhartia Institute of Science and Research, New Delhi, warned of a possible risk of hypervitaminosis. In their study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the researchers assessed whether vitamin A deficiencies still posed a serious public health problem among children under the age of five.
The study suggests that the national prevalence of vitamin A deficiency risk is below 20% in Indian children. “It is time that the mega dose of vitamin A was revised and a specific state vitamin A supplementation program was adopted,” he says.
The study was based on the sample from the National Comprehensive Nutrition Survey that was conducted in 30 states during 2016-2018, said NIN Director Hemalatha R. “The survey showed that vitamin A deficiency based on levels Retinol serum was 15.7% among 1-5- year-olds across India, less than 20% defining a serious public health problem, ”he said.
There were few children (as low as 0.4%) with low serum retinol values ​​in whom serious clinical problems are likely to manifest.

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