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Chirag Paswan expels 5 deputies, Paras & Co dismisses him as head of the LJP | India News


NEW DELHI / PATNA: Now the Lok Janshakti Party (LJP) has officially split in two, with rival factions claiming to be the “real” edition and enacting the now familiar routine of expelling each other. Shortly after the rebel group, led by Chirag Paswan’s uncle Pasupati Kumar Paras, removed him from the post of national president at the party’s “emergency meeting,” the Chirag-controlled national executive committee expelled five rebel deputies headed by Paras for “anti-party activities.” .
Both parties claimed to have followed due procedure of calling “emergency” meetings to make the decision. Each also claimed that it is the “original” LJP and the matter is likely to reach the Election Commission soon, which could result in a fierce legal dispute between members of the Paswan clan over control of the party symbol of “Bungalow. “.
The group, led by Paras, said Chirag had been removed as the party’s national chairman as he held three seats without regard to the “One man, one seat” principle. He appointed Suraj Bhan Singh as interim president and authorized him to convene the party’s national council meeting to complete the election of the national president.
Chirag’s eviction came hours after he published an emotional letter written to Paras in March this year, alleging that his uncle did not support him when he needed it and that there was a breakdown in communication between the two. “I tried with all my might to hold together the party formed by my father and my family, but I failed. The party is like a mother and we must never betray our mother. People are above all else in a democracy. I thank those who had faith in the party, “he wrote.
Paras was unfazed. Speaking to TOI, he struck a note of confidence and stated that since 95% of the workers and party leaders are with him, the national council will approve his election as party head and the LJP will emerge as a stronger party. Paras told news channels that it is just a leadership change effected through a democratic process.
While Paras said the Chirag camp’s remarks were of little consequence as he has the support of majority leaders and workers, the party’s national secretary general and Ram Vilas Paswan aide, Abdul Khalik, said that According to the party constitution, only the National executive can make important decisions, such as suspension of members. “The national executive is made up of 75 members, including the party president, vice president, 16 secretaries, 16 general secretaries, presidents of state and UT units, parliamentarians and MLA, among others. On Tuesday a meeting of the national executive was called, which took a resolution to suspend five members of the main membership of the party, “he said.
Chirag will hold a press conference to present his version of events on Wednesday.

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