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‘Center has given more than Rs 27 million doses of Covid vaccine to states, UT’ | India News


NEW DELHI: The Center has provided more than Rs 27 crore doses of Covid vaccine to states and Union Territories (UT) so far, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW) reported Wednesday.
“Up to 27,28,31,900 doses of vaccines have so far been provided to states and UT, through the Government of India (free channel) and through the category of direct state purchases. Of this amount, total consumption, including waste, it is 25,45,45,692 doses, “the official statement reads.
According to the Union Ministry of Health, more than 1,82,86,208 doses of Covid vaccine are still available in the states and UT to be administered.
The MoHFW had previously reported that the cumulative number of doses of the Covid-19 vaccine administered in the country had reached 26,17,40,273 according to the interim report at 7pm on Tuesday.
“Up to 20,99,621 doses of vaccine were administered as the first dose and 1,16,326 doses of vaccine as the second dose in the age group 18 to 44 years. In total, 4,34,35,032 people in 37 states and UT have received their first dose and a total of 8,33,808 have received their second dose since the start of Phase 3 of the vaccination campaign, “he said.
India started the largest vaccination campaign in the world on January 16 this year in a phased manner and health workers (HCs) were vaccinated first. Vaccination of frontline workers (PDA) began on February 2.
The next phase of the Covid-19 vaccination began on March 1 for those over 60 and for people 45 and over with specific comorbid conditions. India launched vaccination for all people over 45 as of April 1. Phase 3 of the vaccination campaign began on May 1 for beneficiaries belonging to the age group of 18 to 44 years.

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