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After the Delhi and Gurgaon Twitter raids, the police questioned the doctor in Bengaluru | India News


NEW DELHI: A week after it carried out a frantic search for top Twitter officials in South Delhi and Gurugram on May 24, the special cell of the Delhi police had gone to Bengaluru to question the head of the platform. of social media in India, Manish Maheshwari.
The police visit to Bengaluru was on May 31, four days after they refuted Twitter’s comments about the investigation in the Congressional Toolkit case and advised it to cooperate with law enforcement agencies.
A team led by DCP Pramod Kushwaha made the trip to Bengaluru after Twitter India MD Maheshwari wrote to them, seeking time to appear before the police due to the ongoing pandemic. Maheshwari said he was ready to join the investigation in Bangalore, if possible.
The team asked Maheshwari at least 40 questions, and the initial questioning focused on Twitter’s policy regarding marking tweets as “manipulated,” a source said. The police then asked him about the investigation the company may have conducted to conclude that the “toolkit” mentioned by BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra in a tweet was “rigged”. Maheshwari was also asked if his organization had contacted a senior congressional official to verify its authenticity.
Delhi police had started investigating the toolkit case on the basis of a complaint filed by Rohan Gupta and Rajiv Gowda, who belong to social media and congressional investigation cells. The police first sent two notices to Maheshwari, to which he is said to have given vague responses. Thereafter, police teams went to Lado Sarai and Gurugram to search for offices and Twitter officials. On May 27, Delhi police called Twitter’s behavior “obfuscating, distracting and tendentious.”
Police said the company intended to be both an investigating authority and an adjudicating judicial authority.
According to the police, the Twitter statements were not only lies, but were also designed to prevent a legal investigation by a private company. “Twitter has taken care of itself, in the form of terms of service, to adjudicate the veracity or not of the documents in the public space. Twitter claims to be both an investigating authority and an adjudicating judicial authority. Nor does it have legal sanction to be, “said the statement.

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