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Stop the police sharing information about the investigation with the media: Karnataka HC | India News


BENGALURU: Noting that the police do not have to go to the media and reveal the identity and information of the defendants and the complainant in a matter under investigation, the Karnataka High Court on Tuesday ordered the state government to present comprehensive guidelines in this regard.
Giving time until July 20, a division bank headed by Chief Justice Abhay Oka said the purpose of the instructions will not be fulfilled without disciplinary action against those who violate the rules.
He said that on many occasions the police allege to the media that there is a strong case against the accused or that the accused has confessed, among other things. This act of the police going to the media or revealing the identity of the accused / complainant, as well as the nature and material collected during the investigation, affects the rights of the accused in terms of bail and also in the trial, he added.
Previously, the government ombudsman informed the HC that several circulars have been issued in this regard and stated that the investigating officers are not disclosing any information about the pending cases. The court is hearing a PIL presented by H Nagabhushan Rao, a defender based in Bengaluru. It was brought up in the wake of videos in cases involving former ministers that went viral in recent years.
He asked the police for instructions not to leak information collected during the investigation into any case to the media or the public. In addition, he sought a direction in the sense that any official found leaking such information should be treated both at the departmental level and in criminal law.

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