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MHA unit cracks down on phone fraud and arrests 8 | India News


NEW DELHI: A unit of the Home Office has stopped fraud across India in joint operations with Madhya Pradesh police and other state forces, leading to the arrest of eight people in Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand and Andhra Pradesh. – who misled people through cyber fraud and used the money to buy expensive Chinese-made phones on e-commerce sites. Then the phones were sold on the black market at a 5-10% discount, but at a huge profit for criminals.
The ‘Phone Fraud’ (F2P) gang involved hundreds of operatives who were executing different stages of transactions involving OTP fraud, credit card fraud, e-commerce fraud, fake IDs, fake mobile phone numbers, fake addresses , black marketing, tax evasion. , money laundering and dealing with stolen goods. The 8 arrested had defrauded their victims by around 20 million rupees.
As part of the investigation that began with the reporting of a Rs 6.5 lakh cyber fraud on June 11 to Cybersafe, an application created by FCORD and operational since August 2019, by a 78-year-old Udaipur resident, eight phone frauds from 8 ” (F2P) gang brains (4 in Jharkhand, two in MP and Jharkhand each) have been arrested and nearly 300 new mobile phones purchased with stolen funds have been seized. In addition, 900 cell phones, 1,000 bank accounts, and hundreds of UPIs and e-commerce IDs from this band were identified and are under investigation, while nearly 100 bank accounts and debit / credit cards were frozen. The operation against the F2P gang has expanded to 18 states and 350 people now and is ongoing.
The defendants are being questioned about the reasons for the preference for phones made in China, especially those made by Xiaomi.
Sources told TOI that the arrested key accused in the case, Hukum Singh Bisen, 28, from Balaghat, Madhya Pradesh, is an M Tech in Digital Communication and works for a private telecommunications company that executes contracts for Railways. As an IAS aspirant, he created 16 WhatsApp groups with 156 members, each of whom had accounts with e-commerce websites such as Flipkart and Amazon. “These were used to divert defrauded funds to buy mobile phones,” said one researcher.
Follow-up via the CyberSafe app revealed that the Rs 6.5 lakh funds extracted from the whistleblower in Udaipur by an F2P gang member calling from Jharkhand, were directly credited to 3 SBI cards, which were used to purchase 33 Xiaomi mobile phones. LITTLE expensive M3 made in China from Flipkart.
Within minutes the addresses where these were delivered in Balaghat (MP) were identified and SP Balaghat was informed. The MP police detained the mastermind Hukum Singh and seized all 33 new phones and another 70 phones. The F2P band bought these phones for roughly Rs 10,000 each and sold them on the black market at a 5-10% discount. Jharkhand police arrested the person who called F2P.
CyberSafe connects more than 3,000 law enforcement authorities (LEAs), including police stations, in 19 states / UT with 18 financial technology entities online and in real time.
As soon as a victim reports it to the police, the information is entered into CyberSafe and, in real time, cash flows are identified and reported.
So far, 65,000 phone scams have been reported on this app and 55,000 phone numbers and several thousand scammers’ bank accounts have been identified.

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