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Covid: ‘Delta plus’ not a variant of concern yet, says government | India News


NEW DELHI: The Union Health Ministry said Tuesday that “Delta plus” is not a variant of concern yet and that you need to follow its progress and learn more about it.
“The delta variant played an important role in the second wave. An additional mutation of this variant, known as Delta Plus, was detected and submitted to the global data system. It has been seen in Europe since March and entered the public domain on the 13th. June. “, said Dr. VK Paul, Niti Aayog during a press conference.
“Delta Plus is a variant of interest. It has not yet been classified as a variant of concern. Based on data available in the public domain, this variant nullifies the use of monoclonal antibodies. We will study and learn more about this variant,” he said. additional.
It is feared that the highly infectious Delta variant (B.1.617.2) of Covid-19 that first appeared in India has mutated into a more virulent version called AY.1 or Delta Plus, one that is possibly capable of even resisting. to monoclonal antibodies. cocktail that is currently prescribed as a cure.
The government further said that there has been a nearly 85 percent decrease in daily Covid-19 cases from the highest peak reported on May 7 and currently, there are 20 states and UTs where active cases are less than 5,000.
During the second wave of the pandemic, the government said, about 11.62 percent of cases were seen in the under-20 age group, while it was 11.31 percent during the first wave.

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