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Covid-19: Key Precautions, Warns Government As Positivity Rate Decreases To 4.8% | India News


NEW DELHI: With the weekly positivity rate lowered to 4.8% between June 8 and June 14 and restrictions being relaxed in all states, the government has warned that precautions are critical to ensure that the gains made so far are not lose and it is necessary to identify critical points and implement localized containment strategies.
The Health Ministry warned that the lessons from the second wave show that the virus is highly communicable and prevention is critical, even as the data reflects a respite. A nearly 85% decline in daily new cases has been seen since the May 7 peak, when cases reached 4,14,188. On June 14, this was reduced to 60,471. Active cases fell below 10 lakh after 65 days. This is a 75.6% decrease from the peak of active cases on May 10 across the country.
Lav Agarwal, Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Health, also shared that the number of districts reporting more than 100 cases daily has dropped from 531 registered in the week ending May 4 to 165 in the week ending June 13 . Currently, there are 20 states. and UT where the number of active cases is less than 5,000 and a drastic reduction is being noticed in almost all the states.
Due to imposed restrictions in terms of containment activities, a sharp decline of 78% has been observed from the highest reported weekly Covid case positivity of 21.4% recorded between May 4-10 during the second wave. . In addition, a steady increase in the recovery rate has been observed since May 3, when it was from 81.8% to 95.6% to date.
Speaking about measures to prevent the spread of the virus, Niti Aayog member Dr. VK Paul from Health said, “testing and containment” will have to be the focus. “The transmission of the virus is currently low and it is important that when a positive case is identified, the person must be separated and their contacts quarantined. In the event that a cluster is identified, steps must be taken to create micro-containment zones ”. Localizing the containment strategy is important and this requires the system and the community to work together.

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