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Covid-19: At 63.8k, India sees a slight increase in new cases; records 1k + kills | India News


NEW DELHI: After falling sharply the day before, daily Covid cases and deaths in India registered a slight increase on Tuesday. The country reported 63,868 new cases and 1,459 deaths, up from 59,915 and 1,326, respectively, on Monday.
The marginal increase is consistent with the weekly cycle, with cases falling drastically every Monday and then increasing a little on the following days. In general, the downward trend in cases and deaths continues.
Kerala recorded the highest number of new cases, 12,246, among states on Tuesday. This was a break from Tamil Nadu’s 29-day trend that has led the daily case count since May 17. The state reported 11,805 cases Tuesday.
Maharashtra recorded 9,350 new cases, and the count remained below 10,000 for the second day in a row. Karnataka saw a sharp decline in cases, which fell to 5,041 from 6,835 on Monday. The state has reported fewer than 10,000 cases in five days.
Maharashtra recorded the highest death toll on Tuesday with 388 dead, plus 1,070 dead added to the number. With this, the state has declared 20,186 deaths “overdue” since May 17. Tuesday’s national Covid figure of 1,459 does not include late deaths.

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