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Ram Temple Trust: Learn About Land Scam Allegations, Congress Tells Supreme Court | India News


NEW DELHI: On Monday, Congress urged the Supreme Court to take notice of the accusations of land fraud by the RAM temple trust in Ayodhya, calling it a betrayal of faith. He asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to answer whether those behind the irregularities have his protection.
Rahul Gandhi tweeted: “Lord Ram himself is justice, truth, religion. Cheating on his behalf is a sin. ”He used the hashtag“ Ram Mandir ghotala ”.
AICC Secretary General Priyanka Gandhi Vadra said: “Millions of people made offerings at the feet of God because of their faith and devotion. The misuse of that donation is a sin, an insult to their faith. “Randeep Surjewala of Congress said that the purchase of land at a price that was inflated many times soon after was a” great scam. ”

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