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Kidnapped twice in 2 months, baby receives 24×7 police coverage | India News

AHMEDABAD: Police officers will be deployed 24 hours a day to protect a two-month-old boy from Gandhinagar’s Adalaj who was abducted twice in two months. He is possibly the youngest person in Gujarat to receive 24/7 police protection.
The baby, whose rag parents live in a slum, was first abducted from Banaskantha by Jignesh and Asmita Bharti in April, when he was only two days old. The childless couple escaped with him from Gandhinagar Civil Hospital, after which police tracked them down and rescued the boy within a week. He was abducted again by a childless couple from Banaswada on June 5. Defendants Dinesh and Sudha Katara were unable to conceive even after seven years of marriage.
When Dinesh saw that the mother had her son in a makeshift crib on her bike while she picked up the waste, he came on his motorcycle and took the child away. Police took around four days and analyzed images from more than 700 CCTV cameras in the Gandhinagar, Mehsana, Arvalli and Sabarkantha districts of Gujarat and the Banswada district of Rajasthan to track down and rescue the boy.
Due to the kidnapping of twins, the police have decided to create a special point near the slums and deploy a team around the clock. Apart from this, the police officers are also thinking of giving their parents a permanent abode so that the baby is not vulnerable to kidnappers. Inspector HP Jhala, Gandhinagar’s local crime branch, said: “We have been trying to find some decent jobs and a house for the boy’s parents so they can live safely.”
In detailing the arrangements that are being made, one officer said: “We will monitor the child and his parents, whether they are at home or at work. The mother has been given the contact number of some officers so that she can ask for help in case there are no police around her during an emergency. “Another police officer added:” We can extend similar protection to other children vulnerable “.

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