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Weekly deaths increased 19%; half the toll for old fatalities | India News


NEW DELHI: After two consecutive weeks of decline, reported Covid-19 deaths in India saw a 19% increase in the week ending Sunday, primarily due to up to 12,573 “overdue” deaths added to the toll during this period, the highest for any seven-day span so far.
The previous days’ deaths made up half of the more than 25,000 deaths recorded in the past seven days, bringing the week’s death toll to the highest in three weeks. Maharashtra reported the highest number of late death toll, up 8,622, from June 7 to 13, while Bihar accounted for 3,951. On Sunday, Maharashtra added 2,288 former fatalities, the highest count yet.
Last week, 21,074 deaths were recorded, of which at least 3,218 were elderly deaths reported mainly by Maharashtra. Pending deaths are deaths from previous days that were not reported due to hospital delays or other reasons. While acknowledging these deaths is a welcome exercise that would lead to a more accurate assessment of Covid victims, only a handful of states have done so as a matter in the public domain. These include Maharashtra, Bihar, and Uttarakhand.
Meanwhile, new cases continued to decline dramatically. A little over 6 lakhs of cases were recorded during the week, a 30% drop from the previous seven days, when the count surpassed 8.6 lakh. At the height of the second wave, India had recorded more than 27.4 lakh cases in one week (May 3-9). This means that weekly cases have dropped by 78% to almost a fifth of the peak. The highest number of weekly deaths from the pandemic was 29,331, recorded from May 17 to 23. As expected, deaths peaked two weeks after the highest number of cases was recorded. While daily deaths have continued to decline steadily since the peak, pending deaths have increased weekly figures for the past two weeks.
On Sunday, India recorded 69,061 new infections, and data from Assam still hasn’t come in until after midnight. The death toll was 1,590. As of Saturday, the country had reported 80,627 new cases.

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