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Rock and ice avalanche caused flooding in Chamoli: study | India News


After months of debate over what led to the Uttarakhand floods in February 2021 (glacial lake outbreak or rock slide), a team of 53 international scientists has confirmed that “an extraordinary avalanche of rocks and ice and a flow debris “was the cause, using a computer model to reconstruct” in near real time “how the flood developed. But only part of the rock and ice mass collapsed from Ronti Peak in February, they warned, leaving a substantial part vulnerable.
The findings, from scientists from the universities of Colorado, Washington, Zurich, Potsdam, Utah, Toulouse, Heidelberg, Geneva, Newcastle, Oslo and Utrecht, among several others, were published in the journal ‘Science’ on Thursday.
“There is no ambiguity that the event was an avalanche of rocks and ice,” co-author Irfan Rashid told TOI. It could happen again. “High-resolution Google Earth data on Ronti Peak suggests that only one larger hanging glacier collapsed in February,” he said.
Lead author Dan Shugar said: “In the Nanda Devi and Nanda Ghunti glaciers (where it was suggested that the glacial lake originated), no evidence of any change was observed in the days before (the flood).”
Seismic data from two stations indicated that around 10:21 a.m. M., A rock mass of 20 million m3 (80%) and ice (20%) broke off from an altitude of 5,500 m above sea level. “The frictional heat generated almost melts into the ice during the descent,” Shugar said.

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